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Introduction to Theatre

A course designed to give a comprehensive introduction to the art of theatre

by examining the roles and contributions of theatre arts including the actor,

the director, the designers, the playwright and the critic. Students will

develop projects in these areas and attend theatre productions.

Introduction to Literature: Drama

An analysis of dramatic form through the study of representative genres

of theatre to aid the student development of critical capabilities for reading

drama. Tragedy, comedy, tragicomedy, farce, melodrama, musicals, absurdism

and others styles will be studied using specific scripts, as well as the cultures

that gave rise to these movements. This is a reading intensive course.

Beginning Acting

Methods of improving vocal and physical skills for performance. Students

receive training in voice, movement, characterization and play analysis.

Theatre games, improvisations and short dramatic scenes are emphasized.

Acting II

Character development, script analysis and commitment  to the role will be the

class focus. Concentration will be on a short scene and monologue work and

critical studies of acting performances on video tape and film. Open to all students.

Voice and Diction

Students will be instructed in proper articulation, projection, breath control and

emotional voice manipulation. Students will be instructed in techniques for the stage, radio, television, film, the classroom and lecture hall. Dialect use and correction will be part of the class as well. Lecture and class presentations.  Open to all students.


Instruction in and operation of equipment used in technical theatre. Areas include scenery, lighting, sound, properties and makeup. Lecture, demonstration, and hands-on lab experience. Open to all students.

World Drama

The primary purpose of this course is to help the student understand and appreciate the dramatic form through the study of representative plays through theatrical history from the Greeks, Medieval, Renaissance, Early European, Modern British and American Drama. Class is discussion-oriented and the play script is emphasized as a means to dramatic productions. This is a reading intensive course. (Cultural Diversity course)


A writing-intensive course designed to enhance a student's ability to communicate through dialogue. Students will study excerpts from scripts, create new material, and analyze each others' work. The 10-minute play and one-act formats will be used.

Children's Theatre (Creative Drama)

A performance and study based class students will review the history and
purpose of creative dramatics in the school.  Students will rehearse and perform
one-act plays at area elementary schools. Students must be available to tour
Tuesday and Thursday afternoons from 12-4 pm for the final eight weeks of the semester. Open to all students.


This class will present an introduction to the position of director in theatre.
Students will learn how to appraise their resources, select, apply, cast, block,
and work in union with the technical areas to present a single point of view,
assist actors in creating characters, integrate a group of individuals into a cohesive cast, create moving stage pictures and present a production for performances.

Directed Studies in Theatre

Supervised study in the varied aspects of the theatre under the direct supervision of the theatre director or technical director in conjunction with Mineral Area College's theatrical productions. This study may include acting, directing, costuming, makeup, scenic design and construction, stage lighting, and management. A maximum of six credit hours may be applied towards graduation if the course is repeated. Open to all students.