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Art Degrees Offered

Associate of Arts, Art

Designed for the student to transfer to a four year institution for a degree in art.

Associate of Arts in Teaching, Art Education

Designed for the student to transfer to a four year institution as the first component to a degree in teacher education, with an emphasis on art education.

Courses Offered

Drawing I and II

Drawing I develops the student's familiarity with the elements of art, and an awareness of the potential of various media.  Drawing II is an extension of Drawing I with additional emphasis on elements of drawing, with particular attention given to the human figure. In both classes, there is an effort to find each individual's talent in a profound manner.

Painting I, II, and III

The Painting course series begins with an overview of composition, form, space, and color theory.  Painting II and III further develop painting techniques to a more advanced state and place more emphasis on the students developing themselves as artists with their own styles.

Ceramics I, II, and III

Ceramics I explores the basic techniques and fundamental methods of pottery making, including hand-built, wheel throwing, and glazing.  Ceramics II expands upon these techniques and allows students to emphasize their preferred technique.  Ceramics III allows students to explore advanced three dimensional projects in ceramic wheel bowl making, slab pot construction, and figure construction with clay.

History of Art I, II, and III

History of Art I covers ancient art from prehistoric to medieval time.  History of Art II covers Renaissance and Baroque art. History of Art III covers the major developments in the art of the 19th and 20th centuries

Printmaking I and II

Printmaking courses explore the basic processes, materials, and equipment used in relief and intaglio printing. Special emphasis is placed on the potential of expression through the wood block and etching.

Sculpture I and II

Sculpture I introduces the use of various materials and methods of sculpting including modeling head and figure, casting, carving, and construction. Sculpture II expands on these ideas with advanced projects in clay, wood, and found objects.

Two-Dimensional Design

Two-Dimensional Design explores the visual elements of shape, color, form, line, space, and texture. Emphasis is placed on problems in applying principles of design in various media, materials, and composition.

Color Theory

Color Theory is a course in the theory and application of color, and the interaction of color as applied to two-dimensional art.

Beginning Photography
Introduces the basics of photography, including camera systems and the techniques of black and white film developing and printing in the darkroom.

An introduction to the theory and practice of painting with watercolor, which places emphasis on experimentation with techniques and creative expression. This course is offered on demand.