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For more details about a degree in English, see one of MAC's English department faculty members or one of our career counselors.



     Majoring in English can result in a lifetime of rewards.  While many misconceptions exist about the scarcity of job possibilities for the English major, the truth is many career paths exist.  For instance, one could enter the field of publishing.  St. Louis is the home of a few publishing companies.  Moreover, with small press publishing becoming increasingly prevalent, more jobs in that field are anticipated in the near future.  Within the publishing arena, one could work as an editor, a writer, a publicist, or as a part of the production or advertising team. 

     Another career field for the English major is education.  One could teach in public

and/or private schools as well as in colleges and universities (with a masters level degree or above).  One could also branch into library science and obtain a position in that field. 

     One of the main reasons many people major in English is that they plan to pursue a career in law.  The study of English lends itself to law because of the rhetorical components of language (argument/persuasion in particular).  Moreover, most of an attorney's or a paralegal's work will involve writing and speaking--the very basis of English studies.

     Advertising is also a field conducive to the English major.  Advertising involves the use of language and images to effect particular outcomes.  With the English major's versatility with words, he/she is particularly suited to the advertising path. Additionally, people with English backgrounds are well-versed in research methodology, and advertising personnel must research their products and potential buyers in order to know whom to target and how to market to particular populations.

    Finally, one of the biggest complaints of employers in today's economy is the lack of employees who are competent in English.  Employees who are not able to read, write, or verbalize well cost employers millions of dollars each year.  Thus, the business and banking industries seek those who can communicate well--a degree in English will speak for itself on one's resume when competing in the business world.

    These are just a few of the ideas about career possibilities for the English major.  Besides career avenues, the English degree offers an individual a sense of personal fulfillment.  Literature explores the very nature of the human condition while writing and speaking piece together the tapestry of humanity via communication and word imagery.  In other words, a degree in English not only enhances one's career marketability, it also causes one to flourish as a human being.