Educational Talent

  Search II

  Mineral Area College

  P.O. Box 1000

  Park Hills, MO 63601

  (573) 518-2380

  (573) 518-3843 FAX

For more information on Educational Talent Search II or how to apply, contact the ETS II office located in room AS-100 at Mineral Area College.  Office hours are 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday through Friday.



Cindy Burnett , Director

(573) 518-2388


Connie Evans, Academic Advisor

Trojan Intermediate School Grade 6

John A. Evans Middle School

Potosi High School

Caledonia Elementary School Grade 6

Valley High School

(573) 518-2389


Christa Tinsley, Academic Advisor


(573) 518-2382


James "Jake" Long, Academic Advisor

Arcadia Valley Middle School

Arcadia Valley High School

(573) 518-2383


Christina Weiss, Administrative Assistant

(573) 518-2380