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Valley R-VI


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Text Alerts

To help keep students and parent/guardian up-to-date about ETS news and group dates, please sign up for RemindRemind is a free service that allows ETS to send messages via text, push notifications, or email to everyone who signs up.  This technology is easy to use and does not require us to exchange our personal cell phone numbers or any other information. 


You can subscribe to your ETS group using one of the following quick and easy processes:



Text Message

Mobile App

Step 1

Simply text this code:  @______________

to 81010

Step 1

Download the Remind application on your Android or iPhone. 

Step 2

Reply to the message from the Remind team with your first & last name, and

you are in!

Step 2

Once you have downloaded the app, create a student or parent/guardian account with your email address.

 Parents/guardians please identify

yourself as a parent.  

(Example:  Jane Doe’s mother)

Step 3

Search for my class by entering this unique code @____________________. 

That is it!


Some more information about Remind:

  • Standard text messaging rates apply to those receiving messages.
  • Your personal contact information is never seen by me or the ETS program.
  • If I need to send specific information to a select few people, I can message groups of 3+ people.
  • All messages are recorded in case we need to reference them in the future.
  • Messages from my group will be sent straight to your phone or email account.


If you have any questions about the service, please feel free to contact our office.



 ETS will help individuals plan for post-secondary educational success by providing support, encouragement, educational opportunities, career exploration, financial aid assistance, and information about post-secondary educational programs.  ETS will empower individuals to reach their full potential through workshops, tutoring, educational and cultural field trips, and supportive relationships.

Reaching goals doesn't have to be a solo effort.  ETS is here to help.  Enjoy a bright future and reach for the stars with Educational Talent Search!