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Adjunct Political Science Instructor Mineral Area CollegeInstructors needed for seated, day time sections of American Political Systems, American History I and American History II.
Adjunct English Instructor Mineral Area CollegeInstruct and evaluate students learning English Composition in a traditional seated classroom
Adjunct Biology Instructor Mineral Area CollegeInstruct and evaluate students in General Biology. Openings include both day and evening lecture / lab courses on the Park Hills and/or outreach center campus in Fall 2017.
Adjunct Public Speaking Instructor Mineral Area CollegeInstruct and evaluate students in Public Speaking in a traditional seated classroom
Part-Time Campus Security Mineral Area CollegeUnder the general direction of the Director of Public Safety, routinely works an assigned shift and performs patrol duties on foot or by vehicle to safeguard the campus and visiting personnel, property, and facilities against accidents, bodily harm, fire, theft, vandalism and illegal entry; monitors buildings for breaches of security, criminal activity, building problems and malfunctions; eliminates and/or reports hazardous conditions; investigates incidents; provides assistance to staff and patrons on an "on-call' basis; reports incidents requiring public safety intervention; takes the necessary action within the limits of prescribed policies and procedures to correct situations or, if necessary, contacts the appropriate authorities for guidance and assistance; maintains daily activity log; enforces parking regulations, directs traffic and assists in crowd control; and performs other related duties as assigned. This is a non-sworn, unarmed security officer position.
Adjunct Math Instructor Mineral Area CollegeInstruct and assess math courses; Intermediate Algebra, Elementary Algebra, College Algebra
Adjunct Earth Science Instructors Mineral Area CollegeInstruct and evaluate students in Earth Science. Openings include lecture only as well as lecture/lab on both the Park Hills and the Outreach Center campuses.
Adjunct Chemistry Instructor Mineral Area CollegeTeach Introductory Chemistry lecture and lab course(s) at the Fredericktown campus in the evening.
Part-Time Driver Mineral Area CollegeDrive as needed to transport college students safely. Maintain courteous communication with all passengers and college staff.