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LPN’s Phoenix Home Care Start your New Beginning with Phoenix Home Care and share the joy of providing one on one care with special needs children and young adults: “Home care was my choice because it gave me the chance to work one-on-one with patients. I chose to work with Phoenix because of their values, passion, and the way they treat their employees.” –Jessica Boyd LPN
Quality Coordinator Piramal Glass The position is to service the Quality Control Department by providing proper Collecting Held ware data ,analysis of data from the Held ware by Job/Line/tank , Customer complaint analysis , recording and updating customer complaints and corrective action plans, defect analysis from SAP by Job/line/defects , updating of QJCs in SAP ,Quality MIS , documentation on job setup and close out, updating of files, backing up and / or filling in for Standards and Auditors including 2nd audits, and providing user feedback to QC Management on all of the above listed tasks.
MSP/State Park Survey Technical Assistant III Missouri Department of Natural Resources Reviews and/or prepares plans, specifications, blueprints, maps, and related documents; ensures accurate construction measurements, size of units, capacities, length of pipelines, reinforcements, and unit locations. Participates in the design and inspection of projects. Assists professional surveyors or related professional staff in researching records and preparing field notes; converts field data into computer aided drafting (CAD) format. Obtains samples of construction materials; assists with determining appropriate materials and cost estimates for projects. Assists with geological and geophysical investigations and the drilling of boreholes; collects, stores, and maintains samples and records. Performs routine laboratory and field tests; compiles statistical data, compares test results, and enters the information into databases. Performs inspections of water wells, dams, buildings, and other structures; reviews records for compliance with regulations. Uses surv