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  Leadership & Interpersonal Skills Training Programs

Mineral Area College offers a variety of training programs that focus on improving leadership and communication skills for businesses and industries. Our corporate trainers have extensive experience in these areas and are certified in several well-known training programs. In addition, they have developed programs in the leadership and communications arenas. Many national and local companies have benefited from the training programs delivered by Mineral Area College. The college can also provide an in-depth assessment to determine your training needs with recommended performance improvement strategies. Listed below are a sampling of available programs.


  • Two-Day “Everyone A Leader” Program
    The basics of leadership are covered in this introductory program focusing on personality, interpersonal communication and leadership concepts. This program sets the stage for future leadership training. (The program can also be delivered in 4, one-half day units.)
  • Learning to Lead (Achieve Global Corporate Training Program)
    This modular program covers competencies which are essential for leadership in the areas of Personal Leadership, Coaching Others for Success and Linking Performance to Strategic Goals. (Modules are delivered in 3-4 hour segments.)
  • Development Dimensions International (DDI)
    Competency-based training modules for leaders, workforce, and customer service providers; special modules for health care market. These programs area a result of 32 years of research in behavior-based leadership and workforce training.
  • Human Synergistics Programs and Instruments
    Human Synergistics programs and instruments are effective tools for a company whose leadership wants to improve performance and take a strong look at their culture. Included are personality profiles, 360 degree feedback, company self-assessment, etc.
  • Situational Leadership
    Leadership training based on Ken Blanchard’s work of using the right leadership style in the right place at the right time. Participants will explore four leadership styles that are applicable to any situation. (A one day program.)
  • Seven Habits of Highly Effective People
    A three-day in-depth personal improvement program based on the Steven Covey book “The 7 Habits of Highly Successful People”. This workshop provides a foundation for lasting change and effectiveness at the personal, interpersonal, managerial and organizational levels. The program can be delivered in three, non-consecutive days if needed.
  • From Entitlement to Accountability
    The focus of this program is shifting your employees thinking from an entitlement view point to one of problem solving, critical thinking, and collaborative creativity. Strategies for implementing a culture of accountability are covered as well as how to tap into the creative ability of an organization. (Program is 8 hours in length.)
  • From Conflict to Collaboration
    Every workplace has conflicts – this is normal. Conflicts, when properly resolved, often lead to improvements in productivity, performance and working conditions. This four hour program introduces a six-step process for conflict resolution. Topics covered are intervention, controlling the process, managing emotions and handling a team conflict with all participants present. (Program length is 4 hours.)
  • The Practical Coach
    Research indicates that coaching is the most effective leadership style in developing high-performance workers. Do your leaders know how important it is to coach their teams toward success? This workshop will cover how you can inspire, encourage and challenge your employees. Program objectives include identifying workers’ performance deficiencies, giving feedback that is clear and concise, and recognizing “side tracks” and how to set clear expectations. (Program length is 4 hours.)
  • Frontline Leadership (Achieve Global)
    These modules will help you keep your frontline managers and supervisor at the top of their game. The premise behind this program is to equip managers and supervisors with leadership skills and strategies that keep employee performance on track and aligned with critical business objectives. Seven areas of leadership are addressed. (Program is delivered in 3 to 4 hour modules.)
  • 5 Key Skills for Supervisors
    What makes a good supervisor? There are five general skills that supervisors can learn to make them more effective in their unique roles. This learning tool helps people identify, learn and assess themselves with regards to: guiding work, organizing work, developing others, managing performance and managing relationships. Group discussion and personal application exercises reinforces the learning in this workshop. (Program is 4 to 6 hours in length.)


  • Who Moved My Cheese?
    Life is change. Growth is optional. Choose wisely. This program takes a fun yet effective look at change, based on the New York Times best seller, “ Who Moved My Cheese?” You’ll understand why thousands of organizations make this book required reading. Participants will explore new strategies for dealing with change. (Program is 4 hours in length.)
  • Effective Communication – A Personal Review
    Participants will leave this workshop with a renewed sense of how communication skills can help build better working relationships. Basic communication skills are reviewed and renewed. Participants have the opportunity to examine their personal strengths and weaknesses, set at least one goal for personal improvement and have fun! (Program is 3 hours in length)
  • Emotional Intelligence
    Most of us have been conditioned to believe that emotions are not welcome in the workplace and that team and work decisions should be based upon cold, logical reasoning. There is a growing body of science in the emerging field of emotional intelligence (EI), indicating that proper understanding – and use of - emotions can be critical to helping us be better communicators and more effective employees. Five EI competencies/skills are introduced in this program. (Program is 4 hours in length.)
  • Personal Time Style: Improvements for Maximum Effectiveness
    You can’t manage time nearly as well as you can manage yourself. That is the foundational idea this learning session is based upon. Personal Time Style is designed to help participants improve the way they manage themselves and their time in order to obtain better outcomes and improved working relationships. A self-assessment provides enlightenment to individuals and their co-workers about how they use time to accomplish objectives, share information and work with others. (Length of program is 4-6 hours.)


  • Team Effectiveness (Achieve Global)
    This modular program will equip your team members with the skills they need to deliver the goods. Team Effectiveness prepares employees at all levels for the unique demands of team membership. Six skill modules address the interpersonal challenges and complex work processes associated with teamwork. (Modules are delivered in 3 to 4 hour blocks.)
  • Team Leadership (Achieve Global)
    This program gives managers, supervisors, team leaders and facilitators the unique understanding and skills they need to generate dependable results from a variety of teams. The modules emphasize leadership responsibilities of functional, cross-functional, conventionally supervised or self-managed teams. Collaboration, shared decision-making and goal-setting, productive and innovation skills are addressed. (Modules are delivered in 3 to 4 hour blocks.)
  • The Abilene Paradox
    This classic training program has helped thousands of organizations increase profits and productivity by helping people develop better decision-making skills. This information helps people learn more about group dynamics and how peer pressure can lead you speeding down the road of poor productivity and blame. The program includes additional exercises for a flexible design to help viewers learn the five psychological principles of the Abilene Paradox, how to avoid false consensus, how to overcome the fear of speaking out and effective group decision-making skills. (Program length is 4 hours.)
  • Experiential Learning/Challenge Courses
    Mineral Area College is the site of the only area Ropes and Alpine Tower Course. This outdoor course challenges individuals and teams in a supportive, learning environment. The course is built around group problem-solving initiatives. Bring your team to the course and spend the day learning team building techniques. (Experiential training can also be done on-site.)


  • Different Like You (Diversity Training)
    This basic diversity awareness training focuses on how we can understand and appreciate differences in our work environments. How can we use our differences to enhance teamwork and productivity? Participants will learn and discuss information about stereotypes, prejudices, legal implications, harassment prevention, and their organization’s policies and procedures regarding diversity. Emphasis is placed on respect and how understanding and appreciating differences is a necessary job skill. (Program length is 3 to 4 hours.)
  • Sexual Harassment Awareness
    Why talk about sexual harassment? What is my organization’s policy regarding sexual harassment? What exactly is sexual harassment? These are just a few of the basic questions addressed in this important awareness-building seminar. Some of the elements covered include: The Civil Rights Act of 1964 and 1991, how verbal and nonverbal behaviors can constitute sexual harassment, who can commit sexual harassment, specific forms of harassment and what to do if you experience or see them, what is NOT sexual harassment, etc. (Program length is 3-4 hours.)
  • Improving Your Interviewing Skills
    Everyone involved in the hiring process must possess some basic knowledge and skills for conducting legal and fair interviews which result in selecting the best candidate. However, many people need to learn the basics or refresh their knowledge and skills. Improving Your Interviewing Skills provides: brief overview of the legal aspects of hiring, what to do before, during & after the Interview, self-assessment which helps determine strengths and areas of improvement. (Program is 5- 6 hours in length.)
This is a sample of the types of programs Mineral Area College can develop and deliver for your company. For more information, please contact Bev Hickam, Workforce Development Director, Mineral Area College 573-518-2182 or