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Evaluating Your Business Idea                                        $45

Have an idea for a new business but not sure you’re ready?  The Small Business Administration will help you determine if you are ready to take that first step. You’ll also learn how to do the initial business research to see if your idea is feasible in today’s market.

ONCAMPUS      Thu        5:00-8:00 pm                  Nov 13             

Creating a Successful Business Plan                               $95

Turn your business ideas into a solid plan for financing and long-term success. Committing your idea to paper in the form of a business plan not only increases your chances of obtaining financing, but also in keeping your business strategically focused. With the support of your instructor and a network of like-minded students, you'll work through all of the major components of writing a business plan and emerge with your first draft in hand. And most importantly, you will have completed the first--and most difficult--step on the path to small business success.

Online                    Offered Monthly


No time for live classes?  Online classes can be taken any time anywhere!

Below are just a few of the courses available.  Go to to see them all!

Fundamentals of Supervision and Mgmt

 Accounting Fundamentals

  Employment Law Fundamentals

Intro to Business Analysis

 Introduction to QuickBooks

  Understanding the HR Function

Mastery of Business Fundamentals

 Performing Payroll in QuickBooks

  Dealing with Difficult People

Business Finance for Non-Finance Mgrs

 Effective Business Writing

  Building Teams that Work

Creating a Successful Business Plan

 Designing Effective Websites

  Get Assertive

Managing Customer Service

 Effective Selling

  Individual Excellence