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Continuing Education

Learn something new in just a few weeks without the pressure of tests or grades!


On Campus and Online Offerings for Busy Professionals,

plus other Job Training Opportunities at MAC

MS Word 2010 Level 1: $60, + text

Feb 7-16: Tue/Thu 6:00–8:30 pm

Learn to create and edit documents and format text and paragraphs in this thorough introduction to MS Word.  You must be able to navigate your desktop and have basic computer skills to take this class.


MS Excel 2010 Level 1: $60, + text

Feb 28-Mar 9: Tue/Thu 6:00-8:30 pm

Students learn how to format a worksheet, work with formulas and functions and create charts in this beginner class. You must have strong computer skills to take this class.


MS Excel 2010 Level 2: $60

Mar 28-Apr 6: Tue/Thu 6:00–8:30 pm

Building on the intro class, students learn how to analyze data using formulas, manage workbook data and use and analyze table data. Uses same text.


MS Excel 2010 Level 3: $60

Apr 18-27: Tue/Thu 6:00–8:30 pm

Experienced students who have already mastered formulas and functions will explore data analytic tools and advanced features of Excel that will help them query and analyze large sets of data through V-lookup, Pivot Tables and Pivot Charts. Students in this fast-paced class will also learn the basics of writing macros to automate processes. Same text.


Intro to Photoshop CS6: $60, + text
Apr 3-24: Mon 6:00–8:00 pm

Pick up Photoshop basics in this hands-on class. You'll become acquainted with the tools, learn how to make basic photo corrections, work with layers and make quick fixes. The textbook also includes advanced techniques so you can continue to build skills.


Finance 101: $50
May 2-4: Tue/Thu 6:00-8:00 pm
Small business owners and non-accounting managers gain a broad understanding of the components of financial statements, taxes and reports. This knowledge provides the necessary foundation for Using
Financial Reports and Tools for Business Decisions. Topics covered include:
• Establishing assets, liabilities, equity, revenue and expenses
• Understanding the basic “T” accounting system
• Sorting business transactions into the appropriate debits and credits
• Understanding the basics of the accounting cycle
• Identifying fixed versus variable costs
• Basic differences between figuring expenses and revenues on a cash versus accrual basis
• Understanding and applying basic tax laws to your business operations

Using Financial Reports and Tools for Business Decisions: $50
May 16-18: Tue/Thu 6:00-8:00 pm
Small business owners and non-accounting managers learn how to
use financial data to make better-informed business decisions. Participants should have foundational knowledge of the topics presented in Finance 101 before enrolling in this course. Topics include:
• Measuring sticks for evaluating financial performance
• Formula for figuring break-evens
• Quickly decipher balance sheets, income statements and cash flow reports
• Quick ways to find the vital numbers in a financial report
• Financial ratios to consider when analyzing financial statements
• Using accounting principles to make realistic growth projections



  • Accounting Fundamentals
  • Quickbooks
  • Marketing on a Shoestring Budget
  • Cisco Security
  • Web Development
  • Grant Writing


The job training opportunities listed here take one year or less to complete and are offered through other departments within Mineral Area College.

Train for a New Career
in 4 to 20 Weeks


TUITION-FREE for most applicants

Contact Stacey Wideman at 573.518.2145 or Tina Miller at 573.518.3840 for: 

-Pharmacy Technician

-Certified Logistics Technician

-Certified Pneumatic Technician

-Certified Industrial Hydraulic Mechanic

-Mobile Hydraulic Mechanic

-IFPS -Connector & Conductor

-Certified Production Technician

TUITION-FREE for most applicants and financing available for CDL TRUCK DRIVING. Contact Amanda Kennedy at 573.518.2238 or see more here.

*Train for the Following Careers in One Year or Less


FINANCIAL AID AVAILABLE for Qualifying Applicants

-Business Management

-Child Development Associate

-Computer Networking

-Law Enforcement Academy

-Electrical/Electronics Technology

-Emergency Medical Technician

-Fire Science

-Horticulture Services

-Industrial Maintenance

-Administrative Assistant

-Medical Coding

-Paramedic Technology

-Practical Nursing - LPN


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