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Continuing Education

Learn something new in just a few weeks without the pressure of tests or grades!

Spring 2016 Schedule

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Google Tools: $45

Google Drive offers a free version of the most popular Microsoft apps-and they are built for collaboration! You’ll learn the fundamentals of Google Drive including Docs, Forms, Sheets, Slides, Email, Calendar and Contacts. The class will focus on best practices for each platform that working professionals can use to enhance productivity, but it does not teach the basic concepts of spreadsheet or document development.

Feb 8-22     Mon        6:00-8:00pm


MS Word 2010 Level 1:    $60, plus text

Learn to create and edit documents and format text and paragraphs in this thorough introduction to MS Word.  You must be able to navigate your desktop and have basic computer skills to take this class.

Feb 2-11    Tue/Thu   6:00 – 8:30pm 


MS Word 2010 Level 2: $60 (same text)

Building on the intro class, students learn how to create and format tables, illustrate documents with graphics, work with themes and building blocks and merge Word documents.

Feb 16-25   Tue/Thu  6:00 – 8:30pm 


MS Excel 2010 Level 1: $60, plus text

Students learn how to format a worksheet, work with formulas and functions and create charts in this beginner class. You must have strong computer skills to take this class.

Mar 8-17    Tue/Thu   6:00 – 8:30pm 


MS Excel 2010 Level 2: $60 (same text)

Building on the intro class, students learn how to analyze data using formulas, manage workbook data and use and analyze table data.

Mar 29-Apr 7  Tue/Thu   6:00 – 8:30pm            


MS PowerPoint: $60, plus text

Students learn how to create and modify basic presentations in this beginner level course. You’ll learn how to format text, add tables, charts and graphs to reinforce information and ideas. If time allows, you will also learn how to animate your presentations.

Apr 19-28   Tue/Thu  6:00 – 8:30pm 


QuickBooks: $95

Use the power of QuickBooks to take control of your business accounting! Learn how to set up a chart of accounts, pay bills, invoice customers, create receipts, discover how to track accounts payable and receivable, manage assets, control inventory and generate estimates and reports. (A basic understanding of accounting is required.)

Online   Monthly     

Implementing Cisco IP Switch Networks: $399

(Prep for the qualifying exam for Cisco Certified Network Professional CCNP® and Cisco Certified Design Professional CCDP® certifications)

Successful completion of the SWITCH 642-813 exam certifies that you have the knowledge and skills necessary to plan, configure and verify the implementation of complex enterprise switching solutions using Cisco's Campus Enterprise Architecture and to secure integration of VLANs, WLANs, voice and video into campus networks.Online   Anytime  

360Training (call 800-442-1149)  

Certified Network Defense Architect: $1,349
(Prep for EC-Council Certified Ethical Hacker exam)

Get immersed in an interactive environment where you’ll be shown how to scan, test, hack and secure your own systems. The lab intensive environment gives you in-depth knowledge and practical experience with current essential security systems. You’ll learn how perimeter defenses work and then learn how to scan and attack your own networks; no real network is harmed. You’ll learn how intruders escalate privileges and what steps can be taken to secure a system. Other topics include intrusion detection, policy creation, social engineering, DDoS attacks, buffer overflows and virus creation. Online   Anytime  

360Training (call 800-442-1149)     

Implementing Cisco IOS Network Security: $399Learn how to troubleshoot and monitor network devices to maintain integrity, confidentiality and availability of data and devices while developing competency in the technologies that Cisco uses in its security infrastructure.  Topics include:

  • Securing Cisco routers         •  Implementing AAASecurity threats: mitigating network attacksMitigate threats using access control listsSwitch security: mitigate common layer2 attacksImplementing site-to-site VPNs on Cisco routers
    using the SDMImplementing the Cisco IOS IPS feature set
  • Cisco IOS firewall features using SDM

Online   Anytime  

360Training (call 800-442-1149)


Adobe InDesign CS6: $95

You'll get hands-on desktop publishing training and come away knowing how to use this popular page layout software program to design and create professional-quality letterhead, business cards, brochures, PDF files that play movies, and more. You'll discover that you don't have to be a designer to produce professional-quality documents!

Online   Monthly     


Adobe Photoshop CS6: $95

Get detailed, step-by-step instructions from an expert and columnist for Photoshop User magazine who's twice been nominated for the Photoshop Hall of Fame. You'll have no trouble following each step—even if you've never used a computer for graphics before—and you'll have fun putting your new skills to work in this project-oriented class.

Online   Monthly  


Creating Mobile Apps: $95

Do you want to make mobile apps that run on iPhone and iPad, as well as on Android, Blackberry and Windows Phone- without learning five different programming languages! In this course, you'll learn how to imagine, design, build and optimize a cross-platform mobile app using the latest HTML5 standards.

Online   Monthly     


Professional Sales Skills: $95

In good times or bad, companies never stop looking for sales representatives that can help them meet their financial goals. If you've always dreamed of becoming successful in sales, this course is exactly what you need. You'll learn how to turn prospects into buyers, negotiate, provide proper customer service, develop a sales plan and more!

Online Monthly   


Marketing on a Shoestring: $95

Learn how to use the same marketing tricks big companies employ—without making a big dent in your wallet. As you build your customized marketing plan step-by-step, you'll discover how to attract your target audiences, entice customers to buy your product or service and keep buyers coming back for more. You'll get tips on evaluating and tracking results to fine-tune your approach. Best of all, the strategies you'll learn fit into any budget—some are free! 

Online Monthly     

Social Media Marketing Specialist: $1,895

Businesses increasingly gravitate to social media to pitch their products by interacting with audiences and sharing content that educates, entertains and enlightens. You can be behind those accounts in this brave new world of social media marketing.  Courses included in this program are:

  • Introduction to blogs and blogging with WordPress
  • Social networking essentials
  • Twitter, location-based marketing and the mobile web
  • Media communities, social bookmarking and crowd sourcing
  • Social media for nonprofits
  • Business presentations

Online Anytime
360Training (call 800-442-1149)


Creating a Successful Business Plan: $95

Turn your business ideas into a solid plan for financing and long-term success. Committing your idea to paper in the form of a business plan not only increases your chances of obtaining financing, but also in keeping your business strategically focused. With the support of your instructor and a network of like-minded students, you'll work through all of the major components of writing a business plan and emerge with your first draft in hand. And most importantly, you will have completed the first--and most difficult--step on the path to small business success.

Online Monthly     

Business Management and Finance

Accounting Fundamentals: $95

Gain a marketable new skill by learning the basics of double-entry bookkeeping, financial reporting, and more. Includes hands-on experience with handling accounts receivable, accounts payable, payroll procedures, sales tax and more.    

Online Monthly    


Project Management Fundamentals: $95

Gain the skills you'll need to succeed in the fast-growing field of project management.

Online   Monthly     


Business Finance for
Non-Finance Personnel: $95

Are you interested in making better business decisions to increase your company's profits? In six weeks, you will significantly improve financial understanding and learn how to use that knowledge to develop successful business strategies and make better business decisions.

Online   Monthly     


Introduction to Business Analysis: $95

The days of making critical business decisions by instinct or coin toss are long gone. This course will teach you powerful quantitative methods that will have you making better, more informed, and more effective business decisions. (Must be proficient in basic Algebra to be successful in this class.)

Online   Monthly     


Human Resource Functions: $95

Ideal for small business owners and managers, this course offers insight and strategies for recruiting, interviewing and hiring employees, developing policy manuals, retaining employees, improving workplace communication and developing benefit packages.

Online   Monthly     


Employment Law Fundamentals: $95

Learn the basics of employment law so you can legally hire, evaluate, and manage employees.  You'll gain an inside view of the law with court examples, real situations, and prevention strategies that prepare you to effectively resolve workplace issues. You'll learn effective communication techniques, negotiation strategies, and what to expect if you do go to court.

Online   Monthly  


Achieving Success with Difficult People: $95

Do you know people whose behavior makes completing even the simplest tasks difficult? Do you want to have successful relationships with difficult bosses, co-workers, students, neighbors or family members? Join this class and get helpful information for understanding yourself, solving people problems, improving your relationships and productivity.

Online   Monthly       

Keys to Effective Communication: $95

You'll learn to use communication to build rapport and create environments of trust, warmth and respect. Become more confident, create a great first impression, get along well with others and create more and stronger personal and professional relationships.

Online   Monthly  


Hundreds of classes are available. See ALL Online Offerings at:

  - 360Training Online 

  - Ed2Go Online


The job training opportunities listed here take one year or less to complete and are offered through other departments within Mineral Area College.

Train for a New Career
in 4 to 20 Weeks


-Pharmacy Technician Certified Logistics -TechnicianCertified Pneumatic -TechnicianCertified Industrial Hydraulic -MechanicMobile Hydraulic MechanicIFPS -Connector & Conductor

-Certified Production Technician

Contact Alison Sheets at 573.518.3820 or
Tina Miller at 573.518.3840


-CDL Truck Driving (new class every 3 weeks)

Contact Amanda Kennedy at 573.518.2238

*Train for the Following Careers in One Year or Less



-Business Management Child -Development Associate Computer -Networking Law Enforcement Academy

-Electrical/Electronics Technology

-Emergency Medical Technician Fire -Science Horticulture Services Industrial -Maintenance Administrative Assistant -Medical Coding Paramedic Technology -Practical Nursing - LPN

-Renewable Energy Technology


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