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Check back in April for 2016 dates.

Grades 1-4 ADDra-Kid-Abra* 

July 1-3, 2015       12:30-4:30 pm

Price $65

*New Tricks!

Mind read the number a spectator is thinking of!  Instantly add a column of 4-digit numbers!  Make balls travel mysteriously from 1 hand to another!  Learn these tricks and more in our brand new camp, ADDra-Kid-Abra!  The tricks are math-based.  So while having fun learning magic, you’ll hone your math skills as well!  You’ll get your own magic case and new props to put in it daily.  Parents often receive a nightly show!  You’ll also learn out-of-the-box thinking math betchas to pull on your friends; math games; even a little math comedy as well!  Camp culminates with campers starring in a mathemagic show for their families.  Goals are to build math skills and excitement about math; to develop presentation skills and confidence; and to have fun!