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Continuing Education

Learn something new in just a few weeks without the pressure of tests or grades!


Phone: 573-518-2342
Fax: 573-518-3836


Upcoming Classes

(For tuition and descriptions,
download the Fall Schedule)



  Winner's Circle Bouquet

  Jan 25-Mar 7   Mon   6–8 pm


  Introduction to Computers

  Feb 1-Mar 2  Mon/Wed  6–8 pm


  MS Word 2010 Level 1

 Feb 2-11  Tue/Thu  6:00–8:30 pm 


  Plan and Start Your Herb and

  Vegetable Garden

  Feb 3-24  Wed   5:30 – 7:30 pm


  Google Tools

  Feb 8-22   Mon   6-8 pm


  Intermediate Crochet

  Feb 23-Mar 1   Tue    6–8 pm


  Ballroom Dance:

  Foxtrot, Tango and Rumba

  Feb 25-Mar 24   Thu   6–8 pm  


  Wilton Cake Decorating Basics

  Feb 8-29   Mon   6-8 pm      


  Fitness Class Pass

  Feb 8-Apr 8 Mon-Fri 

  Various Times


  Beginning Crochet

  Feb 9-16   Tues    6-9 pm


  Italian for Travelers

  Feb 15-May 11   Mon/Wed 



  Conversational French

  Feb 15-May 11   Mon/Wed



  MS Word 2010 Level 2

  Feb 16-25  Tue/Thu



MAC Faculty & Staff