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Continuing Education

Learn something new in just a few weeks without the pressure of tests or grades!


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Spring Schedule

Career Certificates Online
Personal and Professional Development Online
Truck Driver Training
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Volunteer Connections

For those who want to get connected and invested in our community.



  -Community Events
  -MAC Theatre/Music

  -Mineral Area

    Council on the Arts


   Contact Information:
   Phone: 573-518-2342
   Fax: 573-518-3836



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MAC Faculty & Staff

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Room Schedules.


Classes on Campus

For course descriptions and fees, download the Continuing Education Schedule.


-MS Excel 2010 Level 2, Mar 20-29  

-Raising Backyard Poultry, Mar 20  

-Dog Obedience Training, Mar 20-May 1

-Advanced Dog Obedience, Mar 20-Apr 24

-MS Excel 2010 Level 3, Apr 3-12

-Flowers and Cake Design, Apr 9-30  

-Basic Photography, Apr 11-25  

-Slow Dance and Mambo, Apr 19-May 10


Register by phone at
573-518-2342, OR
download the
Continuing Education



Wellness Center Membership $50 


Enroll anytime to use the fitness center through July 31 and take any or all of the wellness classes through mid-May. Classes include:



2:00 High Intensity Interval Training 

4:15 Yoga/Pilates


1:00 Foundations of Fitness

4:15 Pilates/Core

*Wednesdays: 4:15 Tai Chi

What kind of career can you train for online? A few of the 100+ options are:


   Home Inspector          Dental Assistant         Certified Bookkeeper

   Interior Designer        Legal Secretary           Chartered Tax Professional

   Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (or 50+ other IT certifications)


Join us for our next travel adventure!



Cancellations & Refunds for Campus Classes: You may cancel your registration up to 7 business days before the class start date and receive a full tuition refund. MAC reserves the right to cancel classes and will refund tuition fees. Online classes have different refund policies. Please refer to the refund policy on your e-learning website.

Weather: If MAC closes due to bad weather conditions, Continuing Education (CE) classes will not meet. If MAC does not close, CE may still cancel classes in bad weather. You may call 573-518-2342 to verify. Weather-related cancellations will be “made up”.

Confirmations, Supplies, and Textbooks: If your class requires textbooks, supplies or other information, you will be notified by telephone or email within a week of the class start date. Students should bring supplies and textbooks the first day of class.