Women's Softball Players that have signed with 4-year colleges and universities


Marilyn Oquendo 2009 Harris Stowe State
Jessica Bartlett 2009-10 Columbia College
Stevie Horrell 2010 Blackburn College
Jamie Bullock 2010-11 Lindenwood University @ Belleville
Tori Henson 2010-2011 Williams Baptist College
Alex Perry 2010-11 Williams Baptist College
Callie Dennis 2011 Fontbonne University
Melanie Hager 2011-12 Missouri Valley College
Emily Hanquist 2011-12 Central Missouri University
Hannah Hicks 2011-12 Harris Stowe University
Allyson Luce 2011-12 University of Missouri - St. Louis
Katy Bevins 2012 Missouri Valley/Harris Stowe
Hannah Ghant 2012 Mid-Continent University
Mary Pruiett 2012 Mid-Continent University
Kallie Federhofer 2012-13 Webster University
Darby Ferguson 2013-14 Maryville University
Lauren Stamp 2013-14 Lincoln University
Mikala Torrence 2014 Missouri Baptist University
Tynai' Burrow 2014-2015 UMSL
Shayla Jansson 2015-2016 Williams Baptist University
Alix Adams


Harris Stowe University
Mallory Pappert 2015-2016 Harris Stowe University
Emily Robinson 2015-2016 Missouri Baptist University