Cardinals Baseball


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MAC Baseball 2014
Hunter Leeper 1st Team All-Region
Brad Cuyos 1st Team All-Region
Justin Murphy 1st Team All-Region
Hunter Leeper 1st Team All-Conference
Brad Cuyos 1st Team All-Conference
Justin Murphy 1st Team All-Conference
Dakota Glore 1st Team All-Conference
Connor Davault All-Conference Honorable Mention
Cody Heisserer All-Conference Honorable Mention


MAC Baseball 2013
Hunter Leeper 1st Team All-Conference/ 1st Team All-Region
Jeff King 1st Team All-Conference
Brad Matson 1st Team All-Conference
Connor Davault 1st Team All-Conference
Victor Zuniga 1st Team All-Conference
Carlos Vargas All-Conference Honorable Mention
Wayde Roth All-Conference Honorable Mention
Brad Ridings All-Conference Honorable Mention
Clayton Gibbons All-Conference Honorable Mention


MAC Baseball 2012
Tanner Glore MCCAC All-Conference - All-Region XVI
Cody Garlington MCCAC All-Conference - All-Region XVI
Jeff King MCCAC All-Conference - All-Region XVI
Brad Ridings MCCAC All-Conference


MAC Baseball 2011
Tanner Glore All-Region XVI - All Conference
Beau Harris All-Region XVI- All Conference
Tim Vonderhaar MCCAC All-Conference


MAC Baseball 2009
Aaron Blunt
MCCAC All-Conference
Bobby Tatum
MCCAC All-Conference


MAC Baseball 2008
Casey Shaw NJCAA Academic All-American
Matt Thompson NJCAA Academic All-American
Garrett Oliver NJCAA All-Region XVI
Garrett Oliver MCCAC All-Conference
Matt Thopmson MCCAC All-Conference - Hon. Ment.
Jimmy Thompson MCCAC All-Conference - Hon. Ment.
Jim Gerwitz MCCAC "Coach of the Year"


MAC Baseball  2007
Drew Horrell
NJCAA Academic All-American
Seth Kimrey
NJCAA Academic All-American
Drew Horrell
NJCAA All-Region
Drew Horrell
MCCAC All-Conference
Tony Spencer
MCCAC All-Conference


MAC Baseball  2006
Tony Spencer
MCCAC All-Conference - Hon. Ment.
Joaby Sikes
MCCAC All-Conference - Hon. Ment.
Mike Hardin
MCCAC All-Conference - Hon. Ment.