Women's Basketball Player Profile

   #3 Erica Anderson


      St. Louis, MO


      Gateway Tech. High School

      Sophomore      Guard


Birthday: 01/10/86

Nickname: Speedy


Parents Name: Linda Twitty & Everett Anderson


Major: Pre-Law


Individual Honors/Achievments: Basketball MVP 2003, Best Defensive Player 2003, All-Conference, and Honorable Mention 2005


Favorite thing to do (when not playing ball): Read, watch television, eat, and chil with my team-mates


Favorite Foods: Chicken, steak, pasta, and Chinese food


Favorite Movie: Love & Basketball


Favorite Song/Music: O by Omarion


Favorite Sports Star: Allan Iverson


My Greatest Influence: Family and Myself


My most memorable moment: 19th birthday


By attending MAC I hope to: Contribute a lot on offense as well as defense, graduate with my associates degree and transfer to a University


Three words that best describe me: Outgoing, good listener, and goofy


Coaches Comments: "Speedy is a hard working leader with good offensive and defensive skills."