Women's Basketball Player Profile

   #13 DeAnna Anderson


      Arcadia Valley, MO


      Arcadia Valley High School

      Freshman      Guard


Birthday: 07/03/1986

Parents Name(s): Barbara Anderson and the late Tony Anderson


Individual Honors/Achievements: All-Region, 2nd Team All-State, KTJJ Dream Team , United States Army Reserve National Scholarship, Athlete of the Year, and KFMO/B104 All Star MVP


Major: Nursing


Favorite Thing to do (when not playing B-Ball): Spending time with family and friends and shopping


Favorite Foods: Any food as long as it doesn't involve BBQ sauce or mustard


Favorite Music/Song: Mainstream/Underground Metal


Favorite Sports Star: David Eckstein


If I could do anything right now: Travel the world


Person that I admire most: Mother


My most memorable moment: Receiving the MVP award at MAC's All-Star game in 2004


Coaches Comments: "Deanna is a good shooter that should add alot to our team."