MAC Volleyball Player Profile


Tiara Boyer

Birthday Jan. 25, 1986

Parents Michael & Kendra Boyer (Park Hills, MO)

Individual Achievements 2 yrs All Conference, All District, & All Region KTJJ Dream Team

Major Radiology Technology

Future Occupation Radiology Technologist

Favorite Thing to do (When not playing Volleyball) sleep & eat

Favorite Foods strawberry shortcake, tacos, pasta house salad

Favorite Movie Forrest Gump

Favorite Song Limp bizkit, Break Stuff

Favorite Sports Star Dennis Rodman

If I had one wish, I'd wish for air conditioning in the gym

If I could do anything right now I'd shop

My prized possession is my toothbrush

Persons that I admire most are my mother and grandmother

My most memorable moments winning Districts in 2002

My greatest influence Coach Martin

My least favorite rule in volleyball is net rule

The person in history that I'd most like to talk to is Marilyn Monroe

By attending MAC I hope to eventually make a lot of money

People should also know that I love Hello Kitty stuff

Before every game, I make sure that I use the bathroom

Three words that best describe me are goofy, funny and outgoing

If you visited my hometown, you would have to be sure that you went to the Chat Dump

Favorite quote Give everything you have today, because anything leftover is lost forever