MAC Volleyball Player Profile


Moa Lafaele

Birthday 7-3-84

Parents Paul Eteaki, Losalio Lafaele (Euless, TX)

Major Government

Future Occupation Coach

Favorite Thing to do (When not playing Volleyball) sleep, shop, meet guys

Favorite Foods chinese food, italian

Favorite Movie American History X

Favorite Song Move Yo Body

Favorite Sports Star Paul Pierce

If I could do anything right now retire

My prized possession is my phone

Person that I admire most is my mother

My greatest influence my family

My least favorite rule in volleyball is the dorm rule

The person in history that I'd most like to talk to is Harriet Tubman

By attending MAC I hope to leave with a degree

People should also know that I like club dancing

Before every game, I make sure that I have everything

Word that best describes me is funny

If you visited my hometown, you would have to be sure that you went to the West End

Favorite quote Please leave me alone