MAC Volleyball Player Profile


Megan C Kelly

Birthday 2-16-86

Parents Oron & Barb Kelly (Clinton, Illinois)

Individual Achievements, most blocks season & career, 7 all-tourney teams

Major Business Law

Future Occupation Lawyer

Favorite Thing to do (When not playing Volleyball), shopping, movies, being with friends

Favorite Foods grilled cheese with pickles and Lucky Charms

Favorite Movie Top Gun and American Outlaws

Favorite Song My Best Friend by Tim McGraw

Favorite Sports Star Ozzie Smith

If I had one wish, I'd wish to bring all the troops home to their families.

My prized possession is my two rings

Persons that I admire most are my parents

My most memorable moment was when my mom and me went to Jamaica

My least favorite rule in volleyball is roofing the setter

My greatest influence my man

The person in history that I'd most like to talk to is Eleanor Roosevelt

By attending MAC I hope to get a good start on my future

Before every game, I make sure that I have everything with me

Three words that best describe me are competitive, loyal and goofy

If you visited my hometown, you would have to be sure that you went to Clintonia Square

Favorite quote You are going to miss 100% of the shots you don't take