MAC Volleyball Player Profile


Cassidy Wisdom

Birthday July 9, 1986

Parents Cherie & Terry Wisdom (Bismarck)

High School Individual Achievements 4 yr All District, 3 yr All Conference, 3 yr All Region, Dream Team Member

3 yr, Dream Team Player of the Year 1 yr, All State 1 yr.

Major Physical Education

Future Occupation Teacher and volleyball coach

Favorite Thing to do (When not playing Volleyball) hang out with my sisters & friends and go to the river

Favorite Foods chili, cheese potatoes, rolls

Favorite Movie Hoosiers

Favorite Song Bust a Move by Young MC

Favorite Sports Star Michael Jordan

If I had one wish, I'd wish for all little kids to be happy

If I could do anything right now I'd travel around the world

My prized possession is my family, the ring mom gave me

Persons that I admire most are my mom & dad, they are always there for me no mather what

My most memorable moments growing up with my sisters and being Dream Team Player of the Year

My greatest influence my parents & older sisters

My least favorite rule in volleyball is Net Serve

The person in history that I'd most like to talk to is Rosa Parks

By attending MAC I hope to further my eduction & my volleyball career & meet many new friends

People should also know that I hate spiders & am very moody

Before every game, I make sure that I pray and folding my socks under

Three words that best describe me are soft-hearted, family oriented, competitive

If you visited my hometown, you would have to be sure that you went to my house (great food always & cheap entertainment)

Favorite quote “Winning isn't everything but losing sucks” and “Square Business”