Volleyball Player Profile


  #14 Tiara Boyer


    Park Hills


    Central High School



Birthday: 01-25-1986


Parents Name: Michael & Kendra Boyer


Individual Honors/Achievements: 2 yrs. 1st T eam All Conference, All District, and All Region KTJJ Dream Team


Major: Radiology Technology


Favorite thing to do: (when not playing v-ball) Eat, sleep, and chill with the girls


Favorite Foods: Cheesecake, cookies, and hot dogs


Favorite Music/Song: Pretty Ricky-Grind on Me


Favorite Sports Star: Dennis Rodman


If I could do anything right now: I'd go shopping and spend money!


Person(s) that I admire most: Grandmother


My most memorable moment: Is the blanket of 2004


The person in history that I'd most like to talk to is: Marilyn Manroe


Coaches Comments: "Tiara is returning and her leadership qualities should really help our young team. She is also one of our captains."