Volleyball Player Profile

  #4 Megan Kelly


    Clinton , IL


    Clinton High School




Birthday: 02-16-1986

Parents Name: Orin & Barb Kelly


Individual Honors/Achievements: All conference in volleyball 2 yrs, All-Area in Basketball, and set career & season blocking records.


Major: Business


Favorite thing to do: (when not playing v-ball) Hang out with friends, watching movies, and sleeping.


Favorite Foods: El Tapatio


Favorite Music/Song: Country music/ Brown Eyed Girl


Favorite Sports Star: Ozzie Smith


If I could do anything right now: Go to the beach in Jamaica and relax


Person(s) that I admire most: My mother


My most memorable moment: Going to Texas this summer


The person in history that I'd most like to talk to is: My grandmother that I never got to meet


Coaches Comments: "Megan is a sophomore who should add alot of leadership and maturity to our program."