Volleyball Player Profile

  #12 Kim Weihert


    Waterloo, WI


    Waterloo High School




Birthday: 03-31-87

Parents Name: Terry & Karen Weihert


Individual Honors/Achievements: All conference player 2 years, offensive player of the year 2 years, and team captain


Major: Pre-Med


Favorite thing to do: (when not playing v-ball) Hang out with all the girls


Favorite Foods: Pasta


Favorite Music/Song: Country, Suds in the Bucket-Sara Evans

If I could do anything right now: I would go and visit my parents, friends, and sister Keri.


Person(s) that I admire most: My parents


My most memorable moment: Going to Florida this summer with on of my friends.

Coaches Comments: "Kim is bringing her v-ball talent in from Wisconsin and she should be a major contribution through-out the season."