Volleyball Player Profile

  #1 Cassidy Wisdom


    Bismarck , MO


    Bismarck High School




Birthday: 07-09-1985


Parents Name: Jerry & Cherie Wisdom


Individual Honors/Achievements: All Conference 3 yrs, All District 4 yrs, All Region 3 yrs, and All State 1 yr. Dream Team member 3 yrs, Dream Team player of the year, In College honorable Mention and All Conference.


Major: Education


Favorite thing to do (when not playing v-ball): Hang out with my sisters, friends, go to the river, and sleep


Favorite Foods: Cheese potatoes and taco salad


Favorite Music/Song: All music “Okay” by Nivea


Favorite Sports Star: Michael Jordan


If I could do anything right now: Travel around the United States


Person(s) that I admire most: My parents and 3 older sisters


My most memorable moment: Being Dream Team player of the year, going to state tournament, and getting to play with my sister


The person in history that I'd most like to talk to is: Jesus Christ


Coaches Comments: "Cassidy is a solid returning player who has great defense and is a hard worker on the court."