Men's Baseball Player Profile

    #27 Ryan Blankenship

    Bonne Terre, MO (North County HS)



Birthday: 03/13/87


Parents Name: Bob & Melody Blankenship


Individual Honors/Achievements: Fist team All-Conference 04-05, Al-District and Basketball All-Conference


Major: Athletic Administration


Favorite Thing to do (when not playing baseball): Watch the cardinals beat up the cubs


Favorite Foods: All food


Favorite Music/Song: Rap and country


Favorite Sports Star: Albert Pujols


If I could do anything right now: Throw 95 mph


Person(s) that I admire most: My Father


My most memorable moment: Winning State Championship and hitting 2 grand slams in 1 inning


The person in history that I'd most like to talk to is: Ted Williams