Men's Basketball Player Profile

   # 10  Tim Perry

    Position:  Shooting Guard     Height:  5' 11"

    Class:  Freshman

    High School:  Bloomfield


Player Profile:

Birthday: October 27, 1985

Parents Names: Paul and Shelia Perry

Major: Computer Science

Future Occupation: Software programming

Favorite thing to do (when not playing basketball): work on my computer

Favorite Foods: Bacon cheeseburgers and shrimp

Favorite Movie: Lord of the Rings

Favorite Song (Artist): Lynard Sknyrd

Role Model: Michael Jordan

My greatest influence: Chemistry teacher: Mr. Boles

Favorite Sports Star: Michael Jordan

My most memorable moments: High School trips

By attending MAC I hope to: Get my AA degree and move on to a University

Three words that best describe me: Outgoing, amusing, and athletic

High School Honors: Honor Roll

Coach Tate's Comments: Tim is one of the best shooters on the team, and is a hard working player that always competes.