Men's Basketball Player Profile

     #2     Terry "T. J." Britton


      Position:  Point Guard     Height:  6' 4"

      Class:  Freshman

      High School:  Poplar Bluff

      Previous College: Florissant Valley CC (Track& Field)


Player Profile:

Birthday: April 7, 1982

Parents Names: Raymond and Carolyn Britton

Major: Psychology

Future Occupation: Child Counselor

Favorite Thing to do (when not playing basketball): Spend time with family and talking on the phone with my mom

Favorite Foods: Toss salad and chicken

Favorite Movie: Lion King 1 ½

Favorite Song (Artists): “My Boo” Usher & Alicia Keys

Role Model: Brothers and sisters

My greatest influence: Mother

Favorite Sports Star: Kevin Garnett

My most memorable moments: Running track and field on ESPN

By attending MAC I hope to: Further my education and better myself as a person

Three words that best describe me: Funny, honest, and outgoing

High School Honors: All-State track and field, All-American track and field, All-Conference, All-District, All-State honorable mention in Basketball

Coach Tate's Comments: T.J. is a key ingredient in the team's success this season. He is a solid player that runs the team, handles pressure, and understands what it takes to be successful.