Men's Basketball Player Profile

   #24     Ryan Byrne

    Position:  Guard     Height:  6' 3"

    Class:  Sophomore

    High School:  Triad (Troy, IL)


Player Profile:

Birthday: May 14, 1985

Parents Names: Kevin and Linda Byrne

Major: Undecided

Future Occupation: Undecided

Favorite thing to do (when not playing basketball): Hang out with friends

Favorite Foods: Country fried steak

Favorite Movie: Van Wilder

Favorite Song (Artist): The Reason: Hoobastank

Role Model: Parents

My greatest influence: Parents

Favorite Sports Star: Michael Jordan

My most memorable moments: Making it to state tournament my senior year

By attending MAC I hope to: Better myself academically and athletically so I can move on to a University

Three words that best describe me: Hard working, fun, and red

High School Honors: All-Area, and Conference Player of the Year

Coach Tate's Comments: Ryan was selected as the Team Captain by the coaching staff because of his work-ethic, passion for the game, and special personal qualities that will make him successful on the floor, and in the game of life.