Men's Basketball Player Profile

   Gary Somerville

    Position:  Guard     Height:  6' 0"

    Class:  Freshman

    High School:  Easton (Easton, MD)


Player Profile:

Birthday: June 13, 1985

Parents Names: Gary and Michele Somerville

Major: Sports Medicine

Future Occupation: Undecided

Favorite thing to do (when not playing basketball): chill with my friends

Favorite Foods: Pizza, and French fries

Favorite Movie: Scarface

Favorite Song (Artist): Streets is Watchin: Jay Z

Role Model: Dad

My greatest influence: Mom

Favorite Sports Star: Carmelo Anthony

My most memorable moments: Going to Australia to play basketball

By attending MAC I hope to: Graduate and attend a 4 year University

Three words that best describe me: Smart, outgoing, and positive

High School Honors: Two 1st team selections

Coach Tate's Comments: Gary is a solid guard that adds toughness and depth to the MAC back-court. He has an opportunity to help at either guard spot, and is projected to be the Cardinals back-up point guard.