Men's Basketball Player Profile

   #22     Branko Veljovic

    Position:  Guard/Forward     Height:  6' 4"

    Class:  Sophomore

    High School:  (Belgrade, Yugoslavia)


Player Profile:

Birthday: January 27, 1984

Parents Names: Boban and Verica Veljovic

Major: Business

Future Occupation: Business man that makes alot of money!

Favorite thing to do (when not playing basketball): listen to music and playing games

Favorite Foods: Lasagna

Favorite Movie: Braveheart

Favorite Song (Artist): Nezno neznije

Role Model: Father

My greatest influence: Father

Favorite Sports Star: Peja Stojakovic

By attending MAC I hope to: Make my family and myself proud

Coach Tate's Comments: Branko is a highly skilled offensive player that has a chance to help the Cardinals win this season. He is a unique person that brings a lot of culture to the team.