Men's Basketball Player Profile

   #32     Aaron Jackson

    Position:  Guard/Forward     Height:  6' 4"

    Class:  Freshman

    High School:  Hazelwood Central (St. Louis)


Player Profile:

Birthday: October 23, 1984

Parents Names: Ken and Rosalind Jackson

Major: Computer Science

Future Occupation: Game Designer or NBA Superstar

Favorite thing to do (when not playing basketball): Draw or spend time with family

Favorite Foods: Pizza

Favorite Movie: Matrix (all 3) and Kill Bill

Role Model: James Glasgo

Favorite Sports Star: T MAC (Tracy McGrady)

My most memorable moments: The first time I dunked a ball

By attending MAC I hope to: Become a better basketball player and person

Three words that best describe me: Tall, funny, and quiet

High School Honors: All-State, All-Metro, and All-Conference

Coach Tate's Comments: Aaron could be one of the best players that could ever wear a MAC uniform. He is an explosive player that has the ability to dominate a game.