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General Information    
MAC Cheerleading offers a variety of  opportunities.  Theses opportunities include: scholarships, travel, a P.E. credit, practice, and summer camp. The responsibilities of cheerleading are listed in detail below.
Scholarship Information    
The Cheerleading Scholarships have been established to reward the students who help promote and uphold school spirit, encourage crowd participation at athletic events, and develop a sense of good sportsmanship among students.
    1.   Must have valid Health Insurance.
2.   Full-time student (12 credit hours per semester).
3.   Minimum grade point average of 2.0 each semester.
4.   Must work all clinics.
5.   Participate in all fund-raisers.
6.   Attend and pay for College Summer Cheer Camp.
7.   Attend all scheduled practices.
8.   Participate in assigned home and away games.
9.   Uphold a positive attitude.
10. Represent Mineral Area College in a positive way at all times.

Other Stipulations:
1. These scholarships can be used in conjunction with other scholarships.
2. These scholarships can be awarded to A+ students as well as non-A+ students.
3. The scholarship awarded may be up to $700.00 per semester.
4. The scholarship is applicable toward tuition, fees, textbooks, and /or campus


                         * No cash disbursement to the student.