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In 1983, a group of civic-minded citizens recognized the value Mineral Area College brings to our community: educationally, culturally and economically. The vision of these individuals created Mineral Area College Foundation, Inc. as a fund-raising appendage for Mineral Area College. For three decades, the Foundation, a 501(C)3 not-for-profit corporation, has worked as a vehicle to enhance the college’s mission. The Foundation’s mission is to advance, encourage, assist, promote and support the growth and development of Mineral Area College, its student body, faculty and administration. The activities and objectives of the Foundation include both ongoing and special projects and shall also include development and improvement of the college’s physical facilities. Much of the Foundation’s work has been quietly accomplished. The Foundation exemplifies a symbiotic relationship among alumni, business and friends of the college to enrich college programs as well as the quality of life in our local communities.

Board of Directors

The Mineral Area College Foundation Board of Directors is comprised of dedicated alumni and business and civic leaders who represent sub-districts within the college district. The directors serve without compensation and contribute to the Foundation’s management and leadership to generate support for Mineral Area College. Directors commit time, treasure and talent to ensure the Foundation’s success.

Andy Buchanan-President
Peggy Ropelle-Secretary
Doug McDermott-Treasurer

Marlene Brockmiller

John Brown

Nick Gibson
Brandon Hubbard

Shelley Tracy
Brian McNamara
Tony Myers
Sally Shinkle

Scott Sikes
Nancy Silvey

Brice Sechrest
Jean Weber

Bruce Williams