1 This institution listens to its students
2 This institution involves its employees in planning for the future
3 This institution regularly conducts surveys to evaluate the quality of its programs and services
4 It is easy to get information at this institution
5 Students have a way to provide feedback on their level of satisfaction with school programs and services
6 Team efforts are effective in this organization
7 Each department or work unit has written, up-to-date service expectations
8 Processes for selecting, orienting, training, empowering and recognizing employees are carefully planned
9 Employees receive special training in improving customer service
10 This institution has "user-friendly" computer systems to assist employees and students
11 This institution promotes excellent employee-student relationships
12 Established standards and procedures define job expectations for employees
13 Job responsibilities are communicated clearly to employees
14 This institution analyzes complaints to determine appropriate remedial actions
15 Student input is systematically monitored and measured as a basis for improvement
16 Student survey results are published and posted regularly
17 This institution uses state and national data to compare its performance with that of other institutions
18 This institution continually evaluates and upgrades its processes for collecting data
19 Employees are empowered to resolve problems quickly
20 Administrators treat students as their top priority
21 Administrators cultivate positive relationships with students
22 Efforts to improve quality are paying off in this institution
23 Guarantees of satisfaction are offered to students to ensure quality service
24 Students believe faculty care about what they think
25 Administrators are committed to providing quality service
26 Employees are rewarded for outstanding job performance
27 There are effective lines of communication between departments
28 Employees are encouraged to provide suggestions on ways to improve the work flow
29 Faculty and staff take pride in their work
30 Administrators set examples of quality services in their day-to-day performance
31 Administrators recognize faculty and staff when they do a good job
32 Administrators pay attention to what I have to say
33 My supervisor helps me improve my job performance
34 This institution uses teams to solve problems
35 Administrators have confidence and trust in me
36 Administrators share information regularly with faculty and staff
37 There is a spirit of teamwork and cooperation in this organization
38 I know what is expected of me
39 Our services to students are "user-friendly"
40 My department meets as a team to plan and coordinate work
41 This institution analyzes all relevant data before making decisions
42 Quality improvement tools and methods are used regularly to solve problems
43 This institution believes in continuous quality improvement
44 Employees are involved in the development and improvement of performance measures
45 Written procedures clearly define who is responsible for each operation and service
46 Quality improvement teams have been established in this organization
47 This institution plans carefully
48 Employee suggestions are used to improve our institution
49 The mission, purpose and values of this institution are familiar to employees
50 Prof. development training programs are available to assist employees in improving their job performance
82 The institution provides its adjunct faculty with feedback, support and adequate resources
83 ADA Accessibility standards are met throughout the campus
84 Administration recognizes Classified Staff as an integral part of the institution
85 The Board of Trustees visibly recognizes and celebrates positive accomplishments of the college and its employees
86 Communication of information is satisfactory throughout the various levels of the college
87 Employees are encouraged and rewarded for continuing their education and upgrading their skills
88 Evaluation of all college personnel is consistent at every level of the institution
89 Administration and departments take into consideration the “trickle-down” effect of their decisions
90 The Board works to build a positive image of the college in the community
91 Off-campus sites are integrated fully into the institution’s operations
51 Library and learning resources
52 Personnel/human resource services
53 Recruitment and orientation of new employees
54 Security/police services
55 Maintenance and custodial services
56 Cafeteria and food services
57 Student admissions and registration services
58 Marketing, advertising, and public relations
59 Communication with other departments
60 Career information and planning services
61 Relations with other educational institutions
62 Financial aid assistance and services
63 Research and planning services
64 Counseling and student advisement services
65 Budget planning and coordination
66 Parking for faculty and staff
67 Computer information systems and services
68 Communicating with legislators and other politicians
69 Payroll services
70 Business office services
71 Bookstore services
72 Basic skills/developmental/alternative programs
73 Affirmative action
74 Curriculum planning, design, and coordination
75 Media, audio visual, technology services
76 Switchboard and telephone services
77 Student activities
78 Health and nursing services
79 Relationships with the private sector and business community
80 Continuing education and community programs and services