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  Mineral Area College's Academic Quality Improvement Program
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Fall 2012

Academic Quality Improvement Program (AQIP)

With great enthusiasm and anticipation, faculty and staff at Mineral Area College began applying for acceptance into AQIP in January 2005. The AQIP process is a logical step for us as continuous improvement is a value that each of us recognize as essential for the college’s future.

Our process began during a series of workshops when faculty and staff discussed our collective values, mission, and vision for the college. What items were intrinsic to a first-class institution of higher education? The results of those meetings can be found within the documents posted on this web site.

Next was the task of forming a steering committee representative of the college’s employee makeup. The core members were recruited by the college president and the deans; an open invitation was later issued to college personnel. This committee was charged with familiarizing themselves with the AQIP process and determining the goals and priorities that would later become our action projects.

At a second set of workshops, the college personnel were presented with an overview of the AQIP process and then asked to “vote” for their top four priorities based upon a list of areas of improvement the committee felt was important. We also solicited ideas for projects that we may have overlooked. The result was a list of 24 ideas which were then streamlined into seven core concepts. Those became the basis of our future AQIP Action Projects.

Meanwhile, the Committee was writing and rewriting its application for acceptance into AQIP. After several meetings, individual writing sessions, a little bit of head-banging, and more meetings, a document emerged which we felt was an accurate reflection and overview of Mineral Area College. This application is also available for review within this web site.

We invite you to review our documents and we ask for your feedback. It is only through honest analysis, open discussion, discerning feedback, and critical review that an organization can improve itself. Please feel free to contact any member of the AQIP Committee.