AQIP Tentative TimeLine for Systems Portfolio


Fall ‘11

Spr. ‘12

Sum. ‘12

Fall ‘12

Spr. ‘ 13

Sum. ‘13

Fall ’13 September

Fall ’13 October

*Committees formed

*Leaders and recorders chosen; workload divided 

*Previous AQIP reviews  analyzed as a starting point for the second generation portfolio


*Committees gather data and draft responses for “P” questions

*Examine “R” and “I” questions and begin formulating a plan to address them in the fall of 2012

*Team chairs submit  drafts to Steve, Kay, and Diana

*Teams rest!



*Committees finalize “P” questions

*Committees work on data collection and initial drafts for “R” and “I” questions.

*Committees analyze data
*Committees write and revise  “R” and “I” questions

*Teams rest!

*Final draft presented to Board of Trustees, committee, chairs, and teams

*Final edits made

*Steve, Kay, and Diana:

*Review and edit final drafts
* Review overview to fit content of final report

*Finalize cross reference to five criteria for

*Final copies printed

*Steve, Kay, and Diana begin to write overview for report

*Steve, Kay and Diana begin work on cross referencing Criterion for Accreditation
five criteria


*Final drafts submitted to
Steve, Kay, and Diana

*Final draft reviewed by another AQIP college

*Document mailed to Higher Learning Commission prior to November 1 (two hard copies and one electronic copy required.)report