September Meeting Minutes
September 8, 2017

Attendance: Roger McMillian, Sarah Haas, Diana Stuart, Kathryn Neff,  Lisa Edburg, Chad Pipkin, Shirley Hofstetter, Barry Wilfong, Steve Kurtz, Mark Easter, Leslie Evans

Dr. Kurtz reviewed the mission of the team.

Campus Quality Survey
Communication was ranked the lowest on the Campus Quality Survey. The College is right below the national norms for communication.

The team discussed an action project from several years ago that sought to improve communication. The action project resulted in an overhaul of MyMAC, which has been beneficial, as employees do use MyMAC as a resource. The team considered launching a new action project with a narrow focus on communication.

The team discussed what the perceived issues with communication are on campus and discussed quantity of communication versus the quality of communication. The team noted that it is a difficult time for the College, as budget shortfalls and program review are major concerns. The team considered whether or not disaggregate the CQS survey data by classified staff, faculty, and administration, to see which population has the largest concerns in regards to communication.

Based on the discussion and the data provided, the team developed five strategies to move forward in improving communication:

Student Survey

The team briefly reviewed the student survey results that were sent out with the spring exit exam results. Student activities were lowly ranked (as they were on the CQS). The team discussed the impact of the budget and the cancelation of the spring picnic as factors that influenced the low ranking.

An action project team that is looking at revising the course schedule polled students last spring. 85% of students had indicated a desire for more courses during the 10:00 hour, which is currently used for student activities.  The action project team is meeting with Dean’s Council with a proposal in the upcoming weeks.

The team also discussed changing the student survey to a nationally normed survey that is included in the NCCBP so that the College can compare findings with other community colleges.

The team dismissed at 2:00 p.m.