May Meeting Minutes-May 5, 2017

Attendance: Steve, Rich, Diana, Shirley, Gil, Lisa, Leslie, Mark


Lisa provided a handout discussing the proposed KPI changes. As noted in an earlier meeting, KPIs #2 and #3, which were focused on developmental education are being phased out.  It was determined that the replacement KPIs would be fall to spring persistence (which includes both full time and part time students) and successful completion of all credit hours. Dr. Kurtz submitted the new KPIs to MDHE.

The sixth KPI was tested this year.


Lisa handed out the NCCBP report with the data she has thus far.

The IR group is currently asking for clarification on required reports and the intended purpose of these reports.

Institutional Effectiveness

Steve handed out a sheet describing Institutional Effectiveness Measures (IEM) as part of the AQIP Portfolio Category Six.

The IEMs are grounded in seven questions and are based using the performance funding measures.

The goal is to look at the initiatives we’ve done and link them back to the KPI/IEM measures to use as evidence for the upcoming portfolio.

MDHE Program Review

Gil and Diana met and reviewed MDHE’s program information. Gil indicated that many of the low-enrollment programs that MDHE flagged were inactive. Other low enrollment programs are from the career centers, and do not have a large number of completers.

Diana has the information to proceed with the report, which is due on July 15th.

Perkins Funding

There was a short discussion regarding the switch from using instructor hours to Career Tech credit hours generated for CTE funding.


February Meeting Minutes – February 10, 2017

Attendance:  Steve Kurtz, Gil Kennon, Diana Stuart, Shirley Hofstetter, Leslie Evans, Kathryn Neff, Dan Jaycox, Lisa Edburg, Sarah Haas, & Mark Easter

Enrollment Trends

Steve passed out a copy of a twenty year trend of enrollment.   This coincides with a statewide effort to promote community college in a period of declining public perception of universities in Missouri- especially in the legislature.

Tuition Trends & Fees

Steve passed out a copy of tuition and fees for all community college and suggested a tuition level of between $8-$12/hour for next year.  There were no concerns expressed given that most community college were headed in that direction.


Lisa reviewed our initial performance on KPI#6 and the College performed better than average.  She will email the committee as the College will have to make another decision on KPIs #2 and #3.


December Meeting Minutes – December 9, 2016

Attendance: Dr. Kurtz, Rich Flotron, Dr. Stuart, Sarah Haas, Julie Sheets, Shirley Hofstetter, Lisa Edburg, Leslie Evans, Dan Jaycox, Gil Kennon

New KPI Discussion

Lisa shared a handout with our choices for KP 2 & 3. These KPIs will be phased out at the end of three years. We have the choice to adopt new KPIs before they are phased out, but if we do decide to switch KPIs, we will use them for three years. We have until July to make the decision.

We have until July to make the decision. Lisa will share the definitions for each KPI and bring updated data to the next meeting.

KPI #1 –Action Steps

Sick /Vacation Days


October Meeting Minutes – October 25, 2016

Attendance:  Lisa, Leslie, Mark, Rich, Dr. Stuart, Shirley, Chad P., Kathryn, Gil & Steve

National Community College Benchmarking Project Data (NCCBP)

After review of the data, the committee suggested the following action steps:

State Performance Funding Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

Lisa previewed the data that will be submitted to the State.  The College made 4 of the 5 KPIs failing on KPI #1 due to the reasons stated in the NCCBP discussion.


Enrollment (FTE) trending down.

The next meeting of the Data Review Committee is December 9, at 1:00pm.  The Committee will review KPIs #1 and #2.  The College will need to decide on the alternatives approved by MDHE.  Lisa reported that because of timing that the College would be in a good position to determine if we want to keep the same measure for #2 and #3.