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  IDEA Team - Institutional Development, Effectiveness, and Assessment
Steering Committee Members
Strategic Plan
Action Projects
AQIP Document Library
Strategy Forum

Academic Quality Improvement Program (AQIP)

IDEA originated at Strategy Forum in November 2010.  Riverland Community College instituted an IDEA committee that reviewed all major college data collection efforts and permitted a process in the selection of 2-3 improvement initiatives each year. 

Membership:  Mark Easter (volunteer), Mike Easter (resource), Lisa Edburg (resource), one representative from Faculty Forum and Classified Staff.  Cabinet members are ex-officio members.

Collection Calendar
Survey Month to Review
Campus Quality Survey  February
NCCBP Late October/Early November
Key Performance Indicators December
NCCBP Submission & HLC Financial Ratios May
Student Satisfaction August/September

IDEA Team Minutes
March 2014