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AQIP Steering Committee

Organizational Overview
Steering Committee Members
Strategic Plan
Action Projects
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Data Review Team
Higher Learning Commission



Contact: Dr. Diana Stuart

AQIP Liaison


Accreditation Steering Committee
Portfolio 2018

Please contact any of the following committee members if you have any questions, suggestions or concerns about the Academic Quality Improvement Program (AQIP).

Dr. Steve Kurtz


Dr. Diana Stuart

Dean of Arts and Sciences

AQIP Liaison

Leslie Evans

Accreditation and Assessment Coordinator

Dr. Stephanie Knebel

Instructor, Biology

Lynne Wisdom

Instructor, Business

Roger McMillian

Professor of Business Education

Kathryn Neff

Director of Human Resources

Laura Glasbrenner

Instructor, English Department

Daniel Jaycox

Learning Center Director

Pam Watkins

Director of Continuing Education & Grant Writer

Dr. Amy Henson

Professor of Business Education

Dr. Shawn Young

Education Department Coordinator